September, 2019

  • 14 September

    CoinNess App Airdrop – 500 CNNS Tokens $7.5

    CoinNess App Airdrop - 500 CNNS Tokens $7.5

    CoinNess: The fastest blockchain news, the most timely reminder of price fluctuation! The choice of 3,500,000 users all over the world! CNNS is already listed on Huobi and Gateio. Install+Share news+Invite=2500CNNS, at least 18$!

  • 9 September

    Airdrop – Claim your 100 FREE CoinDeal Tokens!


    Getting CDL Tokens in 3 easy steps: Registeron CoinDeal Go through the verification process (ID and Proof of Address) Click “Get Free Tokens”    

  • 6 September

    HavEther Airdrop Already listed


    Join Our TeleGram For latest Airdrops Step-by-step guide : 1. Talk with the telegram bot:  2. Do the several social media task 3. Only 1,000 Selected Winners 4. Top 10 earns more HET Value : Pool $ 1,450 + $ 145, Already trading at Sistemkoin Note this airdrop is …

  • 3 September

    Bcnex 2000000$ XRP airdrop

    bcnex Airdrop

    5 Simple Steps To Earn 25$ XRP Register a Bcnex account :- Like Bcnex fanpage and share the event post. Follow Bcnex Twitter and retweet the event post. Finish KYC verification on Bcnex. Get $2 from each referral who has successfully passed the KYC.

May, 2019

  • 11 May

    staroll Airdrop – 1,000,000 TRX

    trx Airdrop

    Step by Step:- 1. Log in to TronLink and hit the Get My Link button to get your own referral link. 2. Use the link to invite your friends to log in to the site during the warmup event. For every successful referral you will receive 50TRX, upto 1,000,000TRX. 3. …

  • 11 May

    Presearch Token Airdrop – Refer and earn

    presearch token airdrop

    You become eligible for your 25 token bonus, per referral, once each referral has earned 100 search reward tokens, and has been active 60 days after their initial sign up.

  • 10 May

    Hydro Airdrop – 10000 Token Airdrop Worth 15$

    Hydro Airdrop

    Hydro Airdrop – 10000 Token Airdrop Worth 15$ Introducing Hydro Pay, the first fast and feeless app in the crypto universe. No more annoying “gas” fees or charges. Pay friends and family for food, drinks, rent, tickets, and so much more with Hydro Pay!

  • 9 May

    The Pop Network Airdrop

    The Pop Network Airdrop

    The Pop Network Airdrop The Pop Network Airdrop 🎁 2500 POP & 25 Points = 0.03 ETH 🎁🎁 10000 POP & 100 Points = 0.12 ETH 🎁🎁🎁 50000 POP & 500 Points = 0.48 ETH