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AIRDROP The Best ICO projects with BICO tokens

The BICO project was created in order to minimize the risks of investors and to inform people about upcoming ICO projects. To take part in the market, the development team made the decision to distribute the token through airdrop.


Symbol: BICO
Decimals: 8
Supply: 21,000,000

The BICO will be distributed among all participants.
To participate it is necessary:

1. Join the BICO channel telegrams –
2. Write the wish that the project in this forum
3. Fill out the form: / forms / d / e / 1FAIpQLSeZKyqbWmebC00k3sN7ulzwr36scYZILxua7pDhmO3UmoeA2Q / viewform? usp = sf_link
4. Remain in the Channel until the distribution of the tokens.

The list of participants:

The distribution of the tokens is scheduled for the end of March. All participants will be notified by email.

The maximum number of participants 10 000!

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