dClinic Airdrop

dClinic Airdrop
dClinic Airdrop
dClinic Airdrop
-> 20 VIC token for every member who joins the dClinic’s Telegram group.
-> 10 VIC token for referring your friend to DClinic Telegram group
-> 10 VIC token for every Page like on Facebook.
-> 10 VIC token for every follow on Twitter page.
-> 10 VIC token for every question asked on Telegram Group (Max 3 questions)How to participate

1. Fill up the form:- Airdrop Form

2. Telegram Airdrop – Join our official Telegram Group : https://t.me/dclinic_io
3. Facebook Airdrop – Like our official Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/dClinic.io/
4. Twitter Airdrop – Follow our official Twitter Handle : https://twitter.com/dClinic_io
5. Questions Airdrop – Ask a question on our Telegram Group : 1 question per day

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