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Ubcoin AirDrop

ubcoin Airdrop
ubcoin Airdrop
Ubcoin AirDrop
Welcome to Ubcoin AirDrop campaign! https://ubcoin.ioUbcoin Marketplace is giving away 300 UBC tokens, initially valued ~$20 total, to each AirDrop participant. We will accept only the first 20,000 participants. Participants will be accepted till 31.03.2018

To participate in the AirDrop you must complete 5 easy steps:
1. Join Ubcoin community in telegram
2. Share twitter post and subscribe for Ubcoin twitter:
3. Share facebook post and subscribe for Ubcoin facebook:
4. Fill in the form below
5. Do not remove post shares or leave telegram community before the end of the ICO. AirDrop tokens will be distributed at the end of the ICO.

Please read and accept the rules:
1. Participants can enter AirDrop campaign once only. Those who enter in with more than one account will be disqualified immediately for all their accounts.
2. You may not change your payment address after submission.
3. Discussions of AirDrop are allowed only in the bounty channel

Please also watch our short animated video explaining how Ubcoin Market works. Watching it is not mandatory but we will appreciate this.

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